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Quality Marquees & Bouncy Castles


All our marquees are multi span frames. These marquees have no centre poles or guide ropes and are supported by a tubular steel frame which means more clear space inside your marquee. They can be erected on any surface and are secured to the ground with pegs, straps and weights. 

Our marquees come with side panels with clear Georgian type design as windows and end panels. The marquee is accessible from any side or end and can be fully enclosed if needed.

All hired marquees get erected the day before the event (depending on availability) & dismantled the day after. This allows you time to decorate and organise your marquee for the event. Globe lighting is supplied free with the marquee if lighting is required.

Our marquee prices are cheap and affordable and start from 49.

For more information call 086-3911457 or email info@partymarquees.net

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